When you are a Diane Lewis REALTOR® client you’re no ordinary home buyer or seller - you want something more. You’re approach is considered selective. You want something better because you are a connoisseur and you expect more from your REALTOR® than just the average quality of representation.

You appreciate Diane’s refreshing approach to real estate marketing and sales and want to benefit from her 39 years of unparalleled quality service and award winning experience and expertise. Most importantly you want 100% personal care and attention and not to be passed over to an assistant to finish the job.

You want honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, and patience from you agents, and you want exceptionally skilled negotiators with a solid understanding of the current residential real estate market and that is what you get from Diane Lewis REALTOR ®.

Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned veteran, Diane markets and sells residential and recreational properties in all price ranges. So, if you are moving across town, across the country or relocating internationally Diane Lewis REALTOR ® will ensure that your real estate expectations are fully met.



Your effort to find an experienced real estate sales and marketing professional who is well informed about Barrie, Innisfil and the surrounding areas, has brought you to just the right place. Diane Lewis has 39 years of award winning experience at your disposal. She does not count the hours she invests, but works hard at getting the job done right the first time, focusing on delivering the results that fulfill her clients real estate objectives.

Diane has sat on both sides of the table hundreds of times representing home buyers or sellers ranging from first timers to seasoned veterans. She uses her experience to provide helpful advice so you will achieve your real estate goal, her insight to protect your best interests and her creativity to market and promote your property in its best light.

Diane’s unblemished track record of success and her passion makes the difference. All these reasons combined with her in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, makes us the ideal real estate agent for you.

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REALTORS® are professional real estate problem solvers, and in today’s changed market a highly experienced problem solver is a very valuable asset. Just about everyone’s plans have changed since this awful pandemic started, but what hasn’t changed is Diane Lewis REALTOR® commitment to providing the highest quality service.

Diane is laser focused on helping you achieve your real estate goals, so whether you want a larger home, are downsizing, just want to get cash out from the equity you have built up or you’re leaving the area, Diane Lewis REALTOR® is ready and able to help.

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Diane Lewis REALTOR® understands that because of the uncertainty of the future real estate market, you probably have questions and concerns. The fact is homes sell in all kinds of market conditions and once you have met Diane, it’s easy to see why she has been successfully marketing and selling fine homes since 1984. Her unblemished track record coupled with over 39+ years of residential and recreational home sales experience is exceptional by any standard, but Diane is a distinct individual. She is confident, organized, and friendly and exudes a personal style that is genuinely hard to resist.

Diane believes that selling residential real estate is just as much about people as houses, and developing a positive working relationship with each client is critical to the process. She strives to make each client feel like they are her only one. Having helped hundreds of home sellers and buyers achieve their real estate goals, Diane is committed to producing positive results.

Knowledgeable and dedicated, Diane Lewis REALTOR® is a big believer in doing the job right the first time as she does not like nasty surprises, and making her clients feel safe and secure when using her services is critical. Diane’s commitment to meeting and hopefully exceeding her client’s needs and expectations include being very easy to contact, answering phone calls fast, attention to detail, resolving issues promptly and following through on all activities right until closing.

In summary, Diane Lewis REALTOR® is well qualified and prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure the entire transaction goes as safely, smoothly and is as stress free as possible for everyone involved. Now isn’t that exactly what you want from your REALTOR®?



Being a homeowner is a very high priority to so many Canadians. Taking on the debt associated with home ownership plus today’s record high cost of owning a home can put many at very high risk in the event of - but not limited to, a job loss, unforeseen sickness or injury, a market price collapse, or a rise in mortgage interest rates.

Canada’s continuing home price increase in part is driven by lower than usual inventory and high demand. Unfortunately, none of us know for sure what lies ahead in this unsettled economy, but it is Diane Lewis REALTOR® personal opinion that in this market, it is worth considering not owning more house than you actually need and having more liquid cash available if that ‘rainy day’ comes along, it really is better to be pro-active.

If you are considering downsizing, relocating or just want to free up some extra cash from the equity in your present home, Diane can help move you across town, across the province, across the country or across the world. If this sounds interesting talk with Diane today.



Independence is one of the most important things senior’s value, seniors also know that moving home can be one of the most stressful things in life. Helping resolve these issues is where Diane Lewis REALTOR® comes in. She'll ease the pressure of relocating from your present home when its time to adjust your living accommodation - while working to get you the maximum amount of money from the sale. Worried about Real Estate fees? Don't be - Diane has a plan for that.

Moving to a new property, may provide an easier and more maintenance free lifestyle, and while seniors prefer to stay in their present home, health concerns or financial difficulties can be a factor. Maybe it’s just the desire to move closer to the children or grandchildren. Diane understands these issues and will strive to make you feel at ease and simplify what might otherwise be an overwhelming experience.

So, why call Diane Lewis REALTOR®? Just as you would seek professional financial or medical advice when you need it, at some point you will need a real estate professional who really knows about the needs of mid and later life Ontarians. Together with you she will identify your requirements and recommend the right approach for you so you will avoid common pitfalls. Diane listens carefully to what you want, and when you are ready, she'll help establish a fair market value for your home and provide suggestions in preparing it to present to potential buyers.

Diane will promote your property as your marketing agent and be your advocate with negotiating offers to attain the highest price and best terms. She will assist you with all the details of selling your home and offer helpful advice in the decision-making process of downsizing and relocating. Concerns like what do I do with all my stuff and is my home out of date and may not be appreciated by younger buyers? Diane can also provide information regarding reliable service companies that might assist in the process (i.e. inspectors, lawyers, movers, cleaning companies, etc.)

Diane knows how family, community connections and many other common requirements impact on real estate decisions, but with the right preparation, your new home will provide the fresh start and continued enjoyment you have been working toward and deserve. Allow her 39+ years of award wining marketing and sales experience work for you. Get together and talk and remember that you don't pay a dime until the completion of your sale. There’s no obligation, so if this sounds interesting, stop reading and call or email Diane right now?



To a place where you can smell the flowers or go shopping and park right by the shops. Somewhere to move to and never look back.

Diane Lewis REALTOR® can help, and she doesn’t just have the insider scoop about Barrie and Innisfil but also the surrounding areas too. She knows about their benefits and their personalities There’s no need for anymore “Googleing” on you own trying to find all the right answers - Diane has all that good stuff you won’t find there or on other sites.

Diane’ award winning unbiased, effective and efficient service has helped hundreds of families find just the right place. You want cute, quaint, or spectacular. Small medium or large, from a value priced home to a mansion. A home that will give you goose-bumps or bring you to tears of joy - and yes she works with you personally.

Would you prefer a close-knit community or more secluded area? Is it about the waterfront, schools or perhaps the hospital? Want to sell the lawnmower and move to an upscale lakefront apartment for just the two of you or for a place with a private backyard?

Diane Lewis REALTOR® will help you step by step. She uses research, technology and good old fashioned personal know how. She’ll be your own personal advisor and strategist and if you’re a first-time buyer - she’ll help you avoid those rookie mistakes like you’ve already found the right house - but it’s in the wrong town?

Diane can help you move down the road or many miles away, even to or from overseas. So, what are you waiting for? Run don’t walk to the phone and call us now and get the service you deserve from a real estate agent you can trust. She listens carefully to all your questions and your needs and wants in a new home and then gets to work. In her opinion, looking for a home on your own or with the wrong agent is a bit like ordering a margarita with no tequila - there's really not much point!!



So, maybe you're looking for an experienced real estate professional to help you to sell your present home or someone to represent you in the purchase of your next home or perhaps both. Why consider Diane Lewis REALTOR® you ask? So, think that's a very fair question so here goes!

Full time residential REALTOR® since 1984 first joining RE/MAX in 1985.
Diane’s clients needs come first - that's why they keep coming back time & again.
Her real estate track record is crystal clean, right from day one to today.
Diane will tell you the truth without holding back saying "MY PROMISE - STRAIGHT TALK."
Diane lists and sells homes in all price ranges. No property is too big or too small.
She has many ways to market your home to target just the right buyer.
Over the last 39+ years, she has amassed a great deal of highly valuable information and ability which she places entirely at your disposal.
It's impossible to stay in this business for 39+ years if you can't put a deal together. You must be a strong negotiator. It doesn't matter how nice your Realtor® is if there's NO SALE!
Diane prides herself on being very easy to contact and always returns calls fast.
You hire Diane and you get her from day one until closing. She’ll never assign you to anyone else to finish the job, and she never takes on more business that she can comfortably handle.
So why not take the first step and call or email Diane today?




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